Share how to add Live Traffic Feed on your blog without registration

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do you know what Live Traffic Feed is?
If you wonder the traffic is coming from on your website or blog.
You can add this on your website or blog. The bellow is the sample.

I will show you how to easily add it without registration on the blog. Just follow the article and step by step embeding it. Here we go.

Step1. Login your blog, go to your blog's DESIGN tab page.

Step2. hit "Add a Gadget", choose "HTML/Javescript".

Step3. type the following code on your gadget as the bellow.

    Step4. Save it and view blog to check it out.
    It is easy, isn't it?

    Enjoy it!


    Bella said...

    Hi there !!

    Thanks for the nice note, your blog seems interesting, maybe I'll get some answers to my questions :)

    You have a new follower, please feel free to follow any of my blogs ;) they are linked so it won't be difficult to find them!

    Thanks again,

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