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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Traffic Travis 3.3

CNET editors' review
Reviewed by: CNET staff on December 22, 2009
Traffic Travis provides a simple set of tools for monitoring the popularity and potential viewings for a particular Web site. With great instructions and an easy layout, this is a fantastic Internet research tool.
The program's interface is impressively professional, with top-notch graphic design, intuitive navigation, and helpful tutorial videos that clarify every point. Traffic Travis provides four distinct functions that allow you to collect data and do research on your selected Web site. The first one searches for popular keywords and competition, and another shows your site's ranking amongst the top four search engines. Yet another tracks point-and-click advertisements, and the fourth grades your own site for its search engine optimization. These four combined into a single easy-to-use overview of a particular Web site, one that is particularly rich in useful data. It's easy to imagine this program being especially helpful to the online endeavors of self-promoters and Internet marketers. Traffic Travis is so focused on its core functionality that it basically neglects any extras or special features. This isn't a problem, but given its performance and usefulness, we'd have liked the ability to go directly online to view competitors' sites when they're listed. Nevertheless, this is an eye-opening tool that provides an impressive collection of data.
Traffic Travis is freeware, but it requires a free online registration. It comes as a compressed file. By providing some exciting Web data in an easy-to-use environment, this program succeeds admirably, and we highly recommend it.

Publisher's description
From Affilorama Group: Traffic Travis is search engine optimization software with a twist. Find keywords, analyze backlinks, see where a Web site ranks for hundreds of search terms, track movements in the results pages over time, score your SEO efforts and see what you need to improve. Traffic Travis also includes comprehensive PPC research and analysis tools, with which you can find profitable PPC keywords, analyze your competitors' campaigns over time.
What's new in this version:
Version 3.3 accepts full URL paths (previously only accepted domain paths) and adds Google Romania to our growing list of countries.


Jack Kung said...

I use this tool to help my friend's website. It works very well. If you like it or not, give me some comments!

Bella said...

Does it actually work for blogger? I am creating a new blogger blog and would love to know who's clicking on what :)

If you had a tip on "How To Drive Traffic For Free" that would be awesome ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog, I will shortly email you regarding my questions.

Take care,

Jack Kung said...

I think SEO software is a tool which help blogger or website owner analyze their blog and website how to optimize the code and how to set and analyze your keyword you choosed. I think the free version is enough. It also has a lot of training video and tips which will be sent to you by email.

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