Share how to convert JPEG to PDF format with portable freeware

Sunday, November 7, 2010

JPEGtoPDF is quite powerful freeware to help me convert most image formats to PDF file. When I scan some documents with separated image files, I always spent so much time to convert them to PDF. Now here is nice tool. It is also to use it easily. Don’t worry about this part. I am going to tell you how easy it really is. Only one thing you need to do that is downloading the tool and double clicks it. It is able to convert images to PDF for you. Are you ready to follow me step by step?
Let get started!
Step1. Go to website and download it(Click here to download). It is zip file. You have to unzip it. You can choose where you want it to be. Just double click it. The Graphic User Interface is just like as below.

Step2. Click “Add files” to add file (image file) from your hard disk as many as you want.
Step3. You have couple options you can set or just use default setting on the right side of panel. I rarely use those options. If you need them, you can use them. No problem they work.

Step4. Final step and most important thing is you have to click “Save PDF”. It will save all your image files as one PDF file in the “Output Path” you choose.
That’s it. Very easy and don’t need install it. If you need it, just try it. I hope it can help you.If you have any idea or questions, Just write me comments.
Thank you so much. Have a nice day.


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